Being exposed to funk at a very early age gave DJ Jackmaster Flash a strong vantage point where dance music is concerned. He started his interest in music as a toddler, crying for the likes of Curtis Mayfield & Isaac Hayes from his play pen in the early seventies. Influential musicians like these were favorites of his mom, and played an integral role in forming his musical tastes. The desire to capture more parts of songs that were more appealing to him came on very early, and when he saw Afrikaa Bambataa in 1977 at a community party in the Bronx, he knew just how he wanted to do it. However, tape splicing and “pause mixing” would be his only option until finally acquiring his first set of turntables in 1984.

The name “Flash" was given to him in 1985 by a b-boy crew from San Francisco as a playful reference not only to instant beat matching and signature style of mixing techno with hip-hop records at 45-rpm, but to playfully suggest a legend in the making like Grandmaster Flash. By 1986 he was referred to as “Mixmaster” Flash and not long after “Jackmaster” Flash, (or Jack MF) in honor of house music.

For over 25 years Jack MF has headlined a who’s who list of venues ranging from the most intimate underground parties to the bigger more legendary clubs and parties, like Limelight, Caffeine, Stereo, Shampoo, Traxx, Lansdowne Street, Underground, Zootz, and many more. A DJs DJ, Jack MF is recognized and credited by legendary DJs like "Lil Louis" Vega, Kevin Hedge of Blaze, Ron Trent, and house vocalist/DJ Eric "E-man" Clark, and was often asked to entertain at backyard parties where other legendary DJs and promoters gathered exclusively. He is also known for producing his own legendary events as far back as 1986, and for leading “A Book Called Galanta” a group that completely changed the face of the rave scene from New England to The South with their famous Full Moon parties during the early nineties.

Jack MF doesn't just drop tracks, but creates a whole new groove, being very particular about timing and harmonizing. The mix is constant, and the result is an even richer, more soulful sound than the records have alone. Countless DJ's have been affected in one way or another by his style, and many credit him for his willingness to share his knowledge. Most DJ/Producers who learned personally from Jack MF have gone on to earn everything from regional distinctions to international fame. Some own their own record labels.

There's a certain authentic flavor in his sound that is hard to come by. Perhaps he owes this to his record collection which dates well before the earliest disco. Jack MF has witnessed the transformation of ALL TYPES OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC since the early seventies. Almost every track he owns was acquired at the time of original release so his knowledge of history is strong. His massive and diverse collection is undoubtedly one of the most complete when it comes to classics.

Whether live or recorded, a Jack MF set will take you on a musical journey. He takes you deep, brings you up, puts you in orbit, and brings you back down to Earth. Each set is designed and catered to move any crowd. His broad range of music, versatility, and connection to the audience guarantees to move absolutely anyone. Whatever he plays, you can be sure that his heart will be in it.